Accelerated Integration Development!

Quickest way to integrate with Sage products.

Customers love when apps are integrated and work together seamlessly. However, building integration is hard and maintaining the integration is even more.

The Sage Integration Cloud is an integration platform to quickly build and manage app to app integrations with the entire range of Sage products.
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Key benefits and features

Accelerated integration development

Quickest way to integrate with Sage products.

Best value

for customers to benefit from integrated solutions and seamless user experience.

Single integration

to connect to all Sage accounting products (One to Many integration through API hubs).

API Hubs

No more connecting to each and every app. E.g. Connect to Single accounting Hub (one) and get access to all Sage accounting products (many).

Integration Management

Say bye to integration code maintenance after each product version update. Build integration once and forget about it.

Custom Integration made easy

Customization has never been so easy. Formulas and platform flexibility to build customized solution.

Integration Monitoring

Single place to schedule, run and track your app data exchange for all integrations.

Advanced Analytics and Platform Toolkit

Amazing set of tools and platform features to help you build better integration. Enhance the user experience. One integration at a time!

Additional Information

Customer Quick Facts

  • Start from Your Current Sage Application
  • Discover and Configure Connectable Products
  • No Charge for Integrations
  • Services Directly Billed by Sage or Partners
  • Sage and Partners Create and Maintain Integrations
  • Backed by Reliable Platform, Powered by Cloud Elements with Sage Security, Monitoring and Support

Partner Quick Facts

Standard Integrations
  • Fewer Specialized Skills, Lower Cost to Create & Maintain
  • Build Integration on CloudElements, iPaaS – Sage Provisions and Operates
  • No Per-Customer / Usage Fees for ISVs / Partners
  • Small Fee to Support Development of Integrations (Elements)
  • Significantly Easier to Integrate with Multiple Sage Products (On-Prem and Cloud)
Custom Integrations
  • Custom or Legacy Systems Integration (e.g. Implementation Partners)
  • Low Effort, Leverage Available Elements and Formulas for Sage and Third-Party Systems
  • Reduced Sage Partner Pricing for use of CloudElements iPaaS

Sage is committed to providing businesses around the world the information, insight and tools they need to succeed.

The modern landscape of cloud and on-premise solutions offers an abundance of data, services and applications. To provide the best solutions for Sage customers, we need to allows partners to easily manage, market and integrate their products and services with Sage product and allow us to provide more integrations, allowing customers to build the optimal solution for their business needs.

The Sage Partner Cloud delivers on this vision and helps partners accelerate integrations with Sage products by leveraging a comprehensive, standardized ecosystem. This white paper describes the Sage Partner Cloud functionality, components and available options.

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